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Welcome to Pacific Grove Dance Studio! - Ballroom Dance Classes & Lessons Monterey CA

Hello and welcome to the Pacific Grove Dance Studio, the best place for dance classes in Monterey, Ca. If you're a beginner that starting out or an accomplished dancer looking to learn a new step or two. We offer the most comprehensive array of dance classes in the area and we have classes designed just for you.
Located in beautiful Pacific Grove, California, the Pacific Grove Dance Studio was founded by two of the best dance instructors in this field Leo & Olga. We offer instruction for all age and experience levels and can give you the finest classes in the Tango, Salsa, Swing, Cha Cha, Waltz and a lot more. From the social dancer to the competitive dancer, our ballroom dance classes in Monterey, CA have something for everyone's needs.
Our knowledgeable instructors have the experience it takes to teach you step-by-step the techniques and the style of any dance. Our unique approach to teaching will ensure that you become a more confident dancer in no time. By making our classes fun and exciting, our students are able to retain more of the information provided and become more skilled with every lesson.
Dancing is one of the best ways to meet new people and get in shape. Dancing is a healthy activity for both the body and the mind. Don't have a partner? - No problem! Dance with instructor! Ballroom dancing is becoming increasingly popular, come see what all the hype is about today!
Whether you live in Pacific Grove, Monterey, Carmel or Salinas, CA you're qualified for our special! - Free private dance lesson*. Call us now to schedule it! 831-393-4567
Our dance lessons are offered privately or in a group setting, both of which are very informal and are taught in a friendly, supportive environment. Our group classes can be a lot of fun as you get to interact socially with others, while our private lessons can help you learn a new dance much faster. Whichever you choose, you can't go wrong with what our students call, "the best ballroom dance lessons in Monterey, California!"

dance classes monterey caOur private dance classes will provide you with:

o More time and concentration to yourself as your instructor will focus on only you.
o It will be easier for your instructor to determine if and where you need to improve.
o The ability to learn the thrills of dancing at your very own pace.
o The benefit from detailed classes.
o A guaranteed dance partner when you need to learn how to lead and follow.
o The ability to build up your confidence to dance in a group.

If you are planning a wedding in Monterey or Carmel, or would like to learn how to dance for a special occasion, dance classes in Monterey give you the best answers for your dance needs. Our professional instructors can help you:
o Learn or improve your dancing skills, which play an important role in how your event will turn out or how much you will enjoy yourself
o Determine how much space you will need for the dance floor, suggest some songs and even help you pick out a dance costume.
o Choose a style that suits you best and which you can master within a short time.
To enjoy the wonderful world of ballroom dancing in Monterey Ca, contact us and get the classes you need taught by instructors who care about your success.
We thank you for visiting us today and welcome you to come back often. Your opinion matters, if you have a question or concern, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist you. Read more about dance lessons in Monterey here.

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Have you ever wanted to try dancing? Now is the best time to start! Summer, fun, lot's of activities! Pacific Grove Dance! New students come and try for free! Bring a partner or dance with a teacher. We host dance showcases, we travel and do ballroom dance competitions, fun guaranteed! Call to schedule your trial lesson: 831-393-4567

Dance lessons Monterey CA * Free ballroom dance lesson is for residents of: Monterey, Carmel, Pacific Grove, Seaside. Salinas CA and new students only.