Why Salsa lessons in Monterey are so popular?

Salsa lessons in Monterey are incredibly popular. In fact, Salsa is perhaps one of the most sought after dance forms by many young men and women joining dance lessons in Monterey Ca. Everybody loves Salsa! But have you wondered just why Salsa is so popular?


Well, Salsa is so popular because it is simply one of the most interesting dancing styles in the world. Wherever you go in the world, from Brazil and Argentina in South America to Italy and Spain in Europe, Salsa is easily the most preferred form of dance. Even in the United States, Salsa is increasingly popular and is a feature of many hit Hollywood movies and dance reality TV shows. None of the dance competitions that we see on TV are complete without a lot of Salsa thrown in.


Salsa is just incredibly sexy, and so much fun! Plus, it’s quite easy to learn, provided you’re ready to commit yourself to it. And it’s a terrific social activity as you can only learn Salsa with a dancing partner – it’s not a dance that you can learn on your own. Salsa is indeed an ultimate couple’s activity! So it’s just a fabulous way to have a great time with your partner, as you motivate him or her to keep up with you in mastering the Salsa steps. It’s such an intimate dance form!


Salsa originated from Cuba, and was hugely popular there in the 1950s, which was a really fun period in Cuba, with a lot of merriment, and innovations in dance and music, before the Cuban Revolution led by Fidel Castro put a premature end to it. Salsa survived though, and like other forms of Cuban dance – Cha-cha, Rumba and Mambo – reached the shores of other countries in the world. Salsa evolved from an older Cuban dance Rumba. Salsa is still seen as a Cuban dance and the best Salsa dancers in the world are even today from Cuba. So if you’re interested in watching a really outstanding Salsa performance, you may have to pay a visit to Cuba.


But you don’t have to go to Cuba to learn Salsa! You may simply get yourself registered for dance lessons in Monterey Ca. Learning Salsa is a breeze, provided you enjoy it. And it’s also a terrific workout and a fun way to exercise, especially if you’re just bored of the normal routine on the treadmill or in the gym. Salsa is simply an outstanding cardiovascular activity that leaves you sweating after the end of a session.


While learning the basics of Salsa is easy – you just have to learn the three basic steps, mastering the dance is quite something else. It takes dancers years of consistent practice to master Salsa. But the feeling of achievement that dancers get after truly mastering Salsa is simply priceless!


So much for the introduction to Salsa. Salsa is a dance that you understand much better by actually performing it, rather than by reading about it. You and your partner are going to have so much fun in Salsa lessons!

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Differences between West Coast Swing and East Coast Swing | Monterey, Ca

A lot of people coming to dance classes in Monterey, Ca are very interested in learning swing dancing. Swing dancing is, of course, a dance style that became so popular in the 1920s to 1950s as a swing style of jazz, and became such a rage with the public because of its brilliant syncopated dance steps, and the relaxed and even lazy approach to timing. So when the young men and women enrolling for dance lessons are asked about the type of swing dancing that interests them, whether they would like to learn West Coast Swing or East Coast Swing first, they are typically clueless about the difference.


Well, there is a difference, a whole lot of a difference between East Coast Swing and West Coast Swing, and we’ll tell you all about it! Read on!


Swing dance, as we said earlier, emerged as a popular dance style during the decades when Jazz was so popular. While swing dancing is a great style in itself, there are several variations of it, of which East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing and Lindy Hop are most popular.


We will talk about Lindy Hop first, because East Coast Swing evolved from it. Lindy Hop became highly popular during the hay days of Jazz music in the 1920s, 30s and 40s. Lindy Hop has a unique style of swing dancing, played to very fast music, with insane kicks and arm movements that are simply so much fun! The best dancers of Lindy Hop are fantastic at doing aerial flips and throws, but they’re not easy skills for beginners to pick up. Lindy Hop was actually named after the legendary American pioneering aviator Charles Lindbergh’s first flight to Paris, or a “hop” across an ocean to Paris, all the way from New York City’s Savoy Ballroom.


East Coast Swing is heavily inspired from Lindy Hop, and may be considered to be an evolved form of it. The style has its origins in the 1940s. To perform East Coast Swing, dancers follow a 6-step basic step, which is of the pattern – triple step, triple step, rock step. The dance is usually performed to swing music, but may easily be adapted to rock and roll and other styles depending on the dancers’ taste. In East Coast Swing, dancers take up a plenty of space and move around and around in a circular pattern. Compared to West Coast Swing, which we will discuss next, this dance form is quite simple, and yet spectacular with its exciting twists and turns, which is loved by all dancers taking swing classes in Monterey!


West Coast Swing is slower than East Coast Swing, and slightly more formal in approach. West Coast Swing is a more linear style of dance that requires dancers to perform in a rectangular pattern, rather than the circular pattern of East Coast Swing. The music is slower here, but unlike East Coast Swing, which is wild and so energetic, West Coast Swing is intensely sensual. Also, it allows dancers to improvise better, and add their own style to the dance. West Coast Swing may be performed to a variety of music – swing, blues, country, country and even rock and roll.


So that’s the difference between East Coast Swing and West Coast Swing. If you’re looking to join dance classes in Monterey Ca, and are particularly interested in Swing classes, we suggest that you start off with East Coast Swing first, as it is simpler and for beginners, a lot more fun!

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What is lead and follow in ballroom dancing?

A lot of young people who join dance classes in Monterey are taught about the most important concepts of ballroom dancing, “lead” and “follow”. In ballroom dancing, men “lead” and women “follow”. Many smart young women taking dance lessons wonder why it is always so and why is it not allowed in this day and age for women to take the “lead”? Well, a simple explanation for this is that, this is just the tradition of ballroom dancing, and not much should be read into it. Saying that, we move on to explain what exactly “lead” and “follow” in ballroom dancing really mean.


Just as a strong leader is vital to lead a nation or an organization, in ballroom dancing too, having a strong “lead” is important. A strong lead makes perfect use of the arms and body, with the man’s shoulder and upper arm guiding the rest of the movement. Both the arm and the shoulder must be firm. A limp arm means a weak lead, and is frowned upon in ballroom dancing. With the right hand, the lead holds the follower or the female partner’s shoulder blade and then leads with the fingers and heel of his hand. The male lead sets the rhythm of the dancing, controls its direction and flow, and dictates the steps to be followed. The female partner “follows” or responds to the male lead, sensing exactly what he is up to. When done in complete synchronization, this can be a most beautiful sight to watch the male and female dancers, dance completely in tune to one another, with a complete understanding of each other’s movements. A strong lead and a sensitive follow, that’s what ballroom dancing is all about!


Next, we discuss details of both leading and following. Read on!


Great Tips for a Strong Lead


1. Pay close attention to the rhythm of the music, whether it’s too slow or too fast, and learn to time your steps according to it.

2. Having a sound grounding in various dance steps is important.

3. Lean before a forward movement, and maintain a completely upright posture throughout the dance.

4. You should begin the dance with easy patterns and every new pattern should be started with the left foot.

5. Your hands must be firm, even as you cup your partner’s shoulder blades with your right hand. Your right hand guides your partner during the dance.

6. Pull her gently with your right hand, when you want here to move towards you; cup in and push gently to get her to move backwards; gently scoop and pull with your fingers to pull your partner to your right and gently push with the heel of your hand to get her to move to your left.


These are just the basic rules of ballroom dancing that you’ll be taught in your initial dance lessons. We discuss the “Follow” next.


Great Tips for a Responsive Follow


1. For women, the main responsibility in ballroom dancing is to follow their leads at all times, and respond well to the rhythm set by them, and adapt to the moves started by the lead.

2. Your arm and shoulder should be always in contact with the lead’s upper right arm.

3. A little resistance from the follow is important, as completely giving in to the lead leads the performance astray. The resistance should come from the shoulder.

4. You should support your own weight and not lean on the lead for support.

5. Your steps should be straight, whether going forward or backward.

6. Never try to anticipate the lead’s moves. You should only adapt to his moves as best as you can. But it’d be great if you’ve worked out the dance steps before with your partner.

7. A follow requires a lot of work if the lead isn’t strong enough. If the lead is strong, following is a breeze.

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