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With the Holiday season approaching fast, no doubt you’re thinking of gift ideas whether you’re Monterey or Salians as a present for the special person in your life. How about a dance certificate for the person you love so much, or as a nice gesture to someone whose friendship you value? But “dance”? Isn’t dancing – or ballroom dancing – for the old and loaded?

Nope. Ballroom dancing is no longer just for the wealthy, and neither is it just for those who are old. Young people throughout America have taken wholeheartedly to Salsa, Tango, Swing, Waltz and other exciting forms of ballroom dancing. Children, young adults, couples have taken to ballroom dancing like a house on fire.

Young children learn ballroom dancing techniques such as Swing, Salsa, Tango and Waltz to prepare for dance competitions at school. Young couples who are just engaged learn these dance techniques in preparation for their wedding dance – to make their wedding really quite special. Older married couples buy a dance certificate for each other to rekindle their romance. So what is your excuse not to buy ballroom dancing gift certificates for someone who is important to you?

Say, if you’re the proud parent of a young woman whose wedding is approaching fast, and looking for gift ideas, why not buy her and your future son-in-law with a dance certificate, so that they can prepare for their wedding?  Salsa, Tango, Swing, Waltz – let it be their choice which forms of dance they wish to learn.

There are several types of ballroom dancing – Tango, Salsa, Waltz and Swing are the most popular among them. There is no reason to learn these dancing techniques in a hurry, you should learn them at your own pace, at which you feel completely comfortable. As you master the easier techniques of ballroom dancing – you can then graduate to more difficult and faster techniques.  Your first choice for a dance certificate should be for a Salsa, Tango, Waltz or Swing class, and here, we offer a brief overview of each of these wonderful dance types.


Waltz is an exciting type of ballroom dancing that makes use of the closed dance hold. Waltz is ideal for a beginner as it is a lot easier to learn than other dancing types, much simpler and slower. The key to mastering Waltz is to get your footwork absolutely perfect, and to learn the basic steps. Many young couples learn Waltz in preparation for their wedding dance.


If you’re looking for a dash of romance and a thunderous passion in your life, buy a Tango dance certificate, and take your partner along to a Tango class. You have no doubt seen Tango in movies – remember the Tango dance between Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta Jones in the hit Hollywood blockbuster, “The Mask Of Zorro”? Wish you could dance like that? Well, why not buy a couple of Tango dance gift certificates for yourself and your partner, and find out if you can? Tango had its origins in Argentina, but has since picked up several influences from Uruguay and Europe. So the Tango you learn at dance classes has evolved into a wonderful global dance form with contributions from several cultures.



Salsa is one of the most popular dance forms in the world. It’s hard to find anybody who doesn’t like Salsa. It’s exciting, it’s thrilling and it’s such great fun! But why is Salsa so popular? Well, Salsa is popular because it has so much sex appeal, it’s a wonderful social activity, makes the dancers feel good about themselves, feel sexy and because it is perhaps the best possible dance for couples who are in love with each other. It’s not easy to pick up though, and you’ll need to put in a plenty of practice to master Salsa. But once you learn it well, you’ll want to show off your Salsa skills at every opportunity.




Swing has always been associated with Jazz, and was particularly popular in the 1920s, till the 1950s, a phase in history, which is known as the “Age of Jazz”. Swing classes in Monterey Ca are very popular, because  Swing is so easy to learn, the dance moves are so well syncopated and the approach to the dance is so relaxed – even to the point of being lazy. So for those who like their ballroom dancing to be relaxed, easy and fun, Swing is a perennial favorite.

Well, we hope you’ve liked the information in this article. Before we sign off, we wish you all the fun and happiness in the world as you pick up your new Salsa, Tango, Swing and Waltz moves, after gifting yourself and your partner a dance certificate Monterey.

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Ballroom Dancing in Monterey Ca and Pacific Grove Ca for Weight Loss

So you want to lose weight? But you find running on the treadmill for hours excruciatingly boring, and hate the idea of putting yourself through hell at the gym? Yes, you want to lose weight, and not have to struggle for it. Perhaps even have fun while losing weight. Is that possible? Yes – ballroom dancing in Monterey does that for you.

When you work on your dancing, not only do you stand to lose those extra pounds around your waist, but stand to lose 20 pounds over a period of four to six months! Unbelievable as it sounds, it’s true. Ballroom dancing can help you achieve amazing weight loss in a relatively short period of time. As you work hard enough on your ballroom dancing, not only do you find yourself losing those unwanted pounds, but also that your muscle tone gets better, and your body gets firmer.

There is no better fat burner than going ballroom dancing. You deserve to have a fit body, live an active life and have lots of fun, no matter how old you are. And it’s not just about weight loss. Ballroom dancing can help you with so many other things.

Other Great Benefits of Ballroom Dancing

You’re likely to be less stressful after a few weeks of ballroom dancing, as it relaxes your body and mind, and takes your attention away from your biggest worries of the day. It quickens your mind and brings a new level of consciousness as the dance movements require the unity of both mind and body. When you regularly have sessions of ballroom dancing, you lessen your chances of suffering from muscle and bone pain, particularly as you get older. Also, ballroom dancing is a great antidote to inactivity, it keeps you fresh and healthy.

Immediate Results for Weight Loss

If you dance actively for just one week you are going to be thrilled at how fabulous you feel at the end of that week! Yes, you’re likely to be sore for a few days as when you dance, you are using every muscle group in your body. But this is nothing to worry about as the more you dance, the more flexible and limber you will become.  The tiredness also goes away. Just weigh yourself on the first day of each week, dance every day of the week and then have a look at the weighing scale on the last day of that week. If you have been smart enough not to overeat, you are almost certain to have lost a pound or two. And when you dance regularly for three to six months, you’re likely to lose 20 pounds in that time!

A Healthy Diet is a must

Your diet should be low in fat and carbohydrates, high in proteins. Have a plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the day. A regular and healthy diet is a must. If you overeat, then you waste all the hours put on ballroom dancing. Have a fixed time for your dancing. Invite a bunch of friends to the dance and have a dance party!



Ballroom dancing tones your body, works on your muscles, improves your flexibility, and opens up your mind to new possibilities. It gives your body the perfect workout, and a workout that is fun. You don’t have to follow a monotonous and boring routine at the gym anymore. You can change your dance routine every week, make it more and more exciting, and have fun losing weight dancing with your partner.  So, this is what you should do – go ballroom dancing and watch your fitness levels skyrocket.

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