How to lose weight in Monterey CA – Try Ballroom Dancing!

“Ballroom dancing is two people dancing together to music, touching in perfect harmony.”

  • Anton du Beke, Professional Ballroom Dancer


How to lose weight in Monterey CA?
Your best friend’s wedding is only a couple of months away, and let’s be honest here – you have picked up a plenty of weight in places where you shouldn’t. You can blame it on years of working on at your office desk to the exclusion of any major physical activity. But now, this is an emergency. You are desperate to get back to full fitness before the wedding. So how to lose weight in Monterey CA? Have you considered ballroom dancing for weight loss Monterey?

Well, you should. Ballroom dance is a wonderful way to lose anywhere from ten to twenty pounds in super quick time. A session of ballroom dancing – whether you do Salsa, Waltz, East Coast Swing, Tango or Cha Cha – burns away as much as 400 to 500 calories. That’s serious calorie burning! The best part – ballroom dancing is a wonderful social activity, it’s fun and a great way to meet amazing new people. Hey, you could take your partner to dance as well, why not! This is way better than spending hours slogging on the treadmill or working with dumbbells, barbells, cross trainers etc. at the gym.

Types of  Ballroom Dancing for Weight Loss 

As we said earlier, Ballroom Dancing burns around 400- 500 calories in just one session. Now, not all types of ballroom dance would burn so many calories. Some like Waltz are slightly slower, and require less strenuous activity, and so burn fewer calories than other types of ballroom dance such as Salsa and Tango. But even with Waltz, if you keep at it long enough and pack in enough sessions over a couple of months, you’re likely to experience amazing weight loss. Slower types of ballroom dance are recommended for those who are slightly older or a bit overweight. Once you get the hang of it, carry yourself well on the dance floor and have picked up some stamina, you may go for the more strenuous Latin American dances.

For maximum weight loss through ballroom dancing, you should pick up Latin American dance types such as Salsa and Tango. These dance types require a high amount of physical activity and you will end up doing a plenty of kicks, flicks, twirls, twist and bends, which burns up the calories a lot faster. Even if you do Salsa or Tango for just thirty minutes a day, you’ll burn up an amazing amount of calories. Keep at it for just a month, and your weight loss is likely to be very much noticeable and you will have people at the office complimenting for your improved new look and ask about your secret!

Is there an age limit to learn Ballroom Dancing?

Not at all. If you are reasonably physically fit, and have been cleared by your doctor, there is no reason why you can’t learn ballroom dancing even if you are in your sixties or seventies. There are so many older people who find so much enjoyment in ballroom dance. It helps them stay in shape, keeps their mind alert, keeps them happy and is believed to slow down the process of ageing.

How much weight loss can you really expect from Ballroom Dancing?

Ballroom dancing ensures amazing weight loss results. If you dance regularly for at least three to six months, and pack in three to four ballroom dance sessions in a week during this period, you may fully expect to lose 20 pounds of unwanted weight, at least. But it’s also critical that you should practice healthy eating habits as well, during this time. Have a protein rich diet, have foods that are low in carbs, and have a plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.  A healthy diet is a must to get the most out of ballroom dancing for weight loss.

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