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Why is Monterey CA Such A Great Place to Learn Ballroom Dance?

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Monterey is arguably the most beautiful coastal city in California, which is a favorite weekend getaway for all California natives. Monterey was actually the capital of California once, and this part of Monterey’s history has left behind several vintage historic buildings in the city’s downtown. Monterey is today popular because of its lovely coastline, famous aquarium and because it was the beautiful setting of so many of famous author John Steinbeck’s classical novels, such as Cannery Row and Tortilla Flat.

But there is more to Monterey. Monterey is also one of the best places in the country to learn ballroom dance. The folks here just love dancing to great music, and like it even better when they have exciting company.

There are several popular dance studios such as the Pacific Grove Dance Studio, that offer lessons in swing, tango and salsa among many other dance forms. The dance instructors are friendly, knowledgeable, highly experienced and helpful.

The ambience around Monterey is beautiful, serene, calm and peaceful. The people are extremely warm and friendly and the city is perfectly safe for women and children. And young men and women are renowned for their striking good looks.  All of these factors make the area one of the best places in the United States to learn dance.


So what can you expect ?

Whether you’re looking to join dance classes here or in your hometown – you’ll find the very best dance instructors at the Pacific Grove Dance Studio, who are knowledgeable about all forms of ballroom dance, have excellent skills and are very experienced at putting students at ease and building much needed confidence in them.

What are the Benefits of learning ?

At our dance studio, we help to make you more confident about your dancing ability and capable of impressing one and all with new found dancing skills.

# Our dance instructors will focus on you and you alone, giving you the individualized attention that you seek.

# Our teachers  – allow you to learn dancing at your own pace, without rushing you at any stage.

# At our dance classes you’re guaranteed to have a dance partner, who’ll help you learn how to lead and follow.

# At our dance classes we help build your confidence so that you’ll be able to dance well in groups as well.


So, if you’re looking to learn Swing, Salsa or Tango, there is no better time than this Friday, as on every Friday night, Pacific Grove Dance has general dancing for everyone where you may practice not just ballroom dance, but also Latin and Night Club styles.

At our dance scool, you will get dance lessons for all occasions – whether it’s for a couple’s first dance at your wedding, a Father – Daughter dance or a Mother – Son dance. There is something for everyone here, for all occasions.

And remember, there is the Monterey Swing fest to look forward to, which is held annually. Here you have the most amazing high-energy footwork, spins, slides and swings and much more, very much similar to the fun and happening Jitterbug and Lindy Hop dance eras of the 1930’s and 40’s.   The Monterey Swing fest is full of classes, competitions, and several workshops in West Coast Swing.
So, whether you live in Pacific Grove, Monterey, Carmel or Salinas, CA get your first dance lesson scheduled by calling 831-393-4567. We promise you’ll have a great time at Pacific Grove, most of our students do, after all, we have the reputation of offering “the best ballroom dance lessons in Monterey, California!

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* Free ballroom dance lesson is for residents of: Monterey, Carmel, Pacific Grove, Seaside. Salinas CA and new students only.

First Dance Lessons in Monterey Ca

For most young people, their wedding day is the most important day of their lives. It’s a day of massive celebration, during which the whole world recognizes you and your spouse as a married couple for the very first time. The wedding day is also the day of the wedding dances – the couple’s first dance, the father-daughter dance, the mother-son dance.

The couple’s first dance is of course the most important and you wouldn’t want to mess this one up at any cost. The couple’s first dance is often seen as a sign of how compatible a newly married couple are, and it would be really embarrassing for you and your spouse if either one of you is out of step while doing it.

That’s why both you and your fiancé should register for dance classes at the earliest, to give yourself enough time to practice the first dance lessons.

First dance lessons offered in dance studios like ours in Monterey, Ca to prepare you for the big event and ensure there are no hiccups along the way. Whether you learn your first dance lessons the important thing is to practice regularly and show the right amount of commitment at all times.

The harder you practice, the easier and more fun will your first dance be on D-day, the time of your wedding. So enlist the help of a professional dance teacher.

And it need be just you and your future mate. You may want to invite your parents, siblings and friends as well to join dance classes along with the two of you. Make it a happy family occasion. Remember, family that dances together, stays together.

You think you have two left feet, and don’t think much about your partner’s dancing ability either – well, just go through the paces at your very first dance class and feel the difference. You would be astonished at just how good both you and your partner can be, as long as you have a trained dance teacher coaching you, helping you learn the basic dance moves, while gradually inserting a bit of complexity into your dance.

But there are a few things only you and your soon-to-be spouse should decide. Such as, which opening song would suit your first dance best? You certainly shouldn’t pick a song that you are not comfortable with or one that you clearly don’t like. And you shouldn’t pick a song merely because your fiancé loves it – it should be something loved by both, if that’s not the case, just chuck it. Discuss with your fiancé and try to find common ground.

Another thing to be kept in mind is that you shouldn’t look to impress the audience. You shouldn’t do the couple’s first dance to “wow” the audience, but just to show how graceful both you and your partner can be on your big day. Just keep it simple, don’t stretch yourself too much.

And putting too much pressure on your partner is never a great idea either, he or she might have second thoughts about the wedding if you become too demanding or expect perfection! Never add on to the pressure, your fiancé would anyway be under a lot of stress.

Weddings are a joyful occasion. The goal of the couple’s first dance is to demonstrate your togetherness as a couple and your compatibility, not to impress people with your footwork on the big day. Make your wedding memorable by booking your first dance lessons in our Monterey dance stuido.

First dance lessons Monterey Ca
* Free ballroom dance lesson is for residents of: Monterey, Carmel, Pacific Grove, Seaside. Salinas CA and new students only.

Mother – Son Dance

Since the very beginning of the Western Civilization, there has always been the Father-Daughter dance at weddings. The Father- Daughter dance has always been the most emotional moment in a wedding.

But since the 1990’s, possibly because of the growing Feminist movement in the country, a strong need was felt to give mothers the same importance that we give to fathers – for, after all, mothers play as important a role in the lives of their children as fathers do.

So, over the last couple of decades, almost all weddings in the United States have a mother-son dance. Finally, the special bond between a mother and her son was being recognized.

The Mother-Son Dance usually follows the Father-Daughter Dance. Just as the Father-Daughter dance is an emotional event, the Mother-Son dance is equally filled with tears as there is nothing stronger than a Mother’s love for her Son. The Mother-Son dance demonstrates that a Mother’s love is always eternal, even though her Son is now all grown up, married and being taken care of by the new woman in his life, his wife.

Your mother would be nervous about the Mother-Son dance and has probably not danced for decades. She would probably worry more about getting her dance steps right than focusing on you and what the occasion truly represents, if she hasn’t prepared well enough for the moment.

That is why both you and your mother should take Monterey dance classes or dance lessons Salinas Ca at Pacific Grove Dance Studio. At Pacific Grove Dance Studio, we have the best dance instructors in on the hole Monterey Peninsula, and they will keep your mother’s health and age in perspective as they put her through the paces, slowly building up her confidence, so that she’ll be able to handle herself brilliantly on the biggest day of your life – your wedding.

We suggest that you should practice with your mother as well, so that she is completely comfortable. At your wedding, you will want your Mother to keep her complete focus on you and not worry about things like which direction her feet should be going.

Another important thing to do is to pick a song for the Mother-Son dance. We have a collection of 10 all time favorites for all Mother -Son dances in weddings in America over the past many years. You may choose from any of the song choices mentioned here.

  • A Song For Momma – Boyz II Men
  • I Am Your Child – Barry Manilow
  • My One True Friend – Bette Middler
  • Because You Loved Me – Celine Dion
  • Mama – Jerry Vallie (Italian)
  • Through The Years – Kenny Rogers
  • Can You Feel The Love – Elton John
  • Have I Told You Lately – Rod Stewart
  • You Raise Me Up – Josh Grobin
  • Hero – Enrique Eglasias


You and your mother should start your preparation for the Mother -Son dance at least 3 months in advance of your wedding. Our dance instructors in Monterey, Ca need time to make your mother really comfortable and remove any anxiety she may have about embarrassing herself on her son’s big day by messing up the dance steps.

And remember to relax at the wedding, and to enjoy the occasion. If you’re nervous at the wedding, you’ll only make your mother tenser. If you’re relaxed, your mother will be relaxed too, will be able to do her steps perfectly and the dance will be a truly emotional event for both of you. We guarantee that there won’t be a single dry eye in the wedding hall.

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* Free ballroom dance lesson is for residents of: Monterey, Carmel, Pacific Grove, Seaside. Salinas CA and new students only.