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How to Find a Dance Partner for Ballroom Dancing?

Ballroom dancingIf you are very keen on joining our Monterey dance classes, but don’t have a dance partner yet, you may be assured that we will do everything possible to find you a dance partner. We have many students just like you who are looking for a dance partner for ballroom dancing Monterey.

So, we can always arrange to have a dance partner for you. In the unlikely circumstance of us not being able to find you a dance partner on a particular day, you can always dance with the instructor. This way you will learn dancing faster.

What’s important is that you should enjoy your dance lessons, whether you are taking tango, swing or salsa classes in Monterey, Ca. There are other ways to find a dance partner as well, if you are looking for a dance partner to participate in a dance competition.

Here’s where you should NOT look for a dance partner. Don’t go looking for one on classifieds or online bulletin boards. A lot of people who list on online ballroom dance bulletin boards or classifieds are not really interested in finding a dance partner and are not serious about at all – they are just looking for opportunities for romance or someone to hook up with. The chances of finding a decent dance partner this way are minimal. Instead, follow the guidelines given next for finding a partner for your dance classes.

Contact your local USABDA or United States Amateur Ballroom Dancers Association. The USABDA lists all dance competitions to be held in your area and lists dance studios such as ours too. You can visit these competitions or studios, observe the group classes in your level and find someone who is close to your skills.  You can meet with them and interview them on the spot. You can always watch the group classes in our studio; observe our students from up close and decide if there is someone you want to partner with.

If you are a ballroom dancing professional who competes in major dance competitions and are looking for a dance partner, we suggest going to the various dance competitions in your area as a spectator and identifying someone of your level, who you can partner with. You can talk to the instructors in our Monterey dance studio and ask us to introduce you to a potential dance partner, who is just as talented as you are.  We would be happy enough to make the introductions for you, and offer great suggestions on who would make a perfect dance partner for you, keeping a long-term perspective in mind.

Another option is to participate in dance competitions yourself and make a great impression. Make no mistake; you will be approached by several talented dancers asking you to be their dance partner. There are a lot of people besides yourself who are looking for a talented dance partner. You will be helped in this by the competition judges who would be happy enough to make introductions.

The last point – when you introduce yourself to a potential dance partner, be very explicit about what you are looking for. Find out if they are as serious about ballroom dancing as you are and if they are willing to commit their time to hundreds of hours of dance practice with you. We hope the suggestions given here are useful to you. If you are unable to find a dance partner yet, do visit our dance studio, we will find someone great for you.