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Ballroom Dance Club at Indiana University

Today we’re starting a new line of our blog where we’ll be covering various dance clubs all across USA. One of them is Ballroom Dance Club at Indiana University. To get acquainted with them we interviewed Ann-Heckman Davis – the president of this dance club.


– Ann, what is the history of your club?

Ann Heckman-Davis President of IU Ballroom Dance Club

– Our club was started by a graduate student named Mel Rosare in 1984 when she attended IU as an MBA, in the graduating class of 1986. This makes it probable that 2016-2017 is our club’s 32nd year of operation, but it is possible that the club may have disbanded at some point and restarted (if records were kept, they have been lost, so it’s impossible for us to know for sure. Everyone who was involved with the club at that time is long gone by now.) According to Ms. Rosare, she modeled the club after BYU’s Ballroom Dance Club, which was one of the premier dance clubs in the country. Ms. Rosare had learned ballroom dancing and became an instructor during her undergraduate years at the University of Hawaii.


IU Ballroom Dance Club

How many current members there are in the club?

We have approximately 50 members (I say approximately because many do not attend practices or lessons for a long stretch of time but will later come back, so it’s difficult to pin down an exact number.) Our executive council is composed of eight veteran club members, led by myself as President and Sydney Arnold as Captain.  We are coached in American styles by Chris Spalding and Kelly Bartlett, owners of the Fort Wayne Ballroom Company, and in International styles by Gert Roslender of Aurelia Dance Studio in Indianapolis.


Can you tell me about your club’s accomplishments?


Our club competes in a variety of competitions across the Midwest in all four styles: American Smooth, American Rhythm, International Latin, and International Standard. We have dancers of all skill levels ranging from Newcomer to Open. Our club prides itself on a strong sense of community and camaraderie while we compete at competitions, and we always give a strong showing. We placed 6th place overall at the Arnold Dancesport Classic both last year and the year before.


This school year, we introduced a new program called Ballroom Buddies that was meant to facilitate social interactions between veteran members and new members through ice breaker games such as “the human blob”. Thanks to this program and the concentrated recruitment efforts of all the veteran members, we have managed to double the size of our team and bring in a much larger Newcomer class than we have had in the past years I’ve been a part of this club!


Last year, we organized a large social we called the Disney Ball to raise money for a local charity. The Middle Way House is a local shelter for women and children who are victims of domestic abuse. It’s a great organization—a handful of members, including myself, have also volunteered there on our own time as well. Our club performed showcases to Disney music and raffled off private lessons with our members. In total, we raised about $900 for Middle Way House through this event!


Ann, what are the future plans for the dance club?

Although we have nearly doubled in size over the past year thanks to the recruitment efforts of veteran members, our club hopes to continue to growing in size. We also hope to continue organizing charity events such as the Disney Ball. Our most important goal is to improve at every competition, grow as dancers and as a team, and, of course, have fun dancing and being around one another!

How ballroom dancing started

When it comes to fun hobbies and pastimes, generally speaking, most of us don’t get that much time to relax and enjoy ourselves. When we do however, it’s important to spend our free time doing what we love and what we feel especially passionate about. Some people enjoy going to the gym, some people enjoy keeping fit, some people paint, some garden, but one pastime and physical activity that has been practised for centuries upon centuries, is dancing. Dancing is a beautiful art, no matter which form you happen to practice. Whether you’re into salsa, jive, swing, street, or anything else for that matter, the great thing is that dancing ahs numerous benefits, including the fact that it helps us to lose weight, tone our muscles, improve our cardiovascular fitness, and genera
lly live a healthier and happier life. Ballroom dancing in particular, is one of the most enjoyable and popular forms of dance on the planet, and with so many different variations to choose from, it’s no wonder either. Many people often wonder where it originated, so for that reason, here’s a brief summary.


In the late 18th and early 19th centuries of England, ballroom dancing was extremely popular amongst the upper classes, gentry, and even nobility. Ballroom dancing is basically described as a number of social dances which allows couples to perform a set of dance moves and for that reason, it was seen as a status enhancing pastime, especially amongst those who were especially coordinated and experienced. Over the years, more and more members of the upper class began regularly partaking in ballroom dancing sessions, especially during celebrations or special occasions in the evening. As the years went by, more and more people become aware of the various ballroom dances, but it didn’t actually catch on with the working classes until around the late 19th and early 20th century. In the 1920’s ballroom dancing at a competitive level began gaining popularity and as a result people all over the world quickly began to show in interest. There are five forms of ballroom dancing, which are:


The slow foxtrot

The tango

The quickstep

The modern waltz

The Viennese waltz


Whether you’re thinking about learning to dance full time, or are simply thinking about joining a new class to help keep you fit and active, then you need to ensure that you’re in the best possible hands. There are so many different dance schools and instructors out there, that knowing where to begin can be extremely daunting. If you’re ever in the area however, then learning dance classes in Monterey ca, is a great place to start, the dance classes are second to none as it’s a part of the country with deep dancing roots and traditions.

If you’re looking to learn any form of dance, then check out our dance studio at 205 17th St. Pacific Grove, CA. 

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Choosing the right ballroom dancing shoes


dance shoes
ballroom dance shoes

Ballroom dancing has been around for centuries, and is just as popular now, as it was when it was first discovered. The truth is that we simply love to have a good dance from time to time. Sometimes for fun. Sometimes for our profession. And sometimes even for competition. Dancing is what helps to liberate us, setting us free from the stresses and problems of everyday life. If you find yourself at a loose end one day, then taking up dancing could be exactly what you need. Before you even consider signing up however, you must first be aware of what you need, and where you can get it from. Take shoes for instance. Dance shoes come in a variety of different shapes, styles, colours, and sizes, so it’s important to know which is right for you, and how they can benefit you as opposed to regular shoes. In this article we’ll be looking at how to find the right ballroom dance shoes.

Make sure that they’re lightweight – Dancing requires loose and relaxed feet, so it should come as little surprise to know that your ballroom dance shoes should be extremely lightweight. The last thing you want is for your feet to be weighed down, making the dance just that little bit harder. Heavy shoes will affect your balance, as well as your coordination, and even your stamina, so opt for shoes made from a distinctly lightweight material.

Ensure that they fasten securely – If you’re a man, lace up shoes will be the norm, whilst if you’re female, then an ankle strap will be the most common style, although lace ups are still available. If the heels are high, then making sure the shoes are secure is simply a must. No matter how used to dancing you may be, dancing in high heels is extremely different when compared to dancing in flats. Secure fastening shoes will help provide you with that little bit more confidence.

Choose the right sole for the right surface – If you’re dancing on a slippery surface, and let’s face it, most ballroom floors are slippery, then suede can potentially be quite slippery and possibly dangerous as a result.

Shop around for the right deals – Don’t rush in and make a purchase right away, shop around for deals and bargains.

Article provided by:
Pacific Grove Dance
 studio. Specializes in Latin & Ballroom dance lessons on the Monterey Peninsula. 

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How to take the best possible care of your dancing shoes

dance shoes
dancing shoes

As we all love to have a good dance now and then, it’s no wonder that this gentle yet ancient art is still just as popular now, as it was all those centuries ago. It’s what helps to liberate us, setting us free from the stresses and problems of everyday life. If you find yourself at a loose end one day, then taking up dancing could be exactly what you need. Before you even consider signing up however, you must first be aware of what you need, and where you can get it from. Take shoes for instance. Dance shoes come in a variety of different shapes, styles, colours, and sizes, so it’s important to know which is right for you, as well as how to keep them in the best possible condition. In this article we’ll be looking at how to take the best possible care of your dancing shoes.


Keep them clean and washed – Just because dancing is predominantly performed indoors, doesn’t mean that you should simply choose not to wash them, as they aren’t coated in dirt. Your feet will still sweat when you dance, and nasty conditions such as athletes foot can thrive in warm moist conditions. It’s best to wash them by hand, in a sink full of warm soapy water, and a touch of disinfectant. Leave them to dry naturally, and you’re good to go from there. Never put them in a washing machine or a tumble dryer. Doing this could seriously damage the shoes. You don’t need to wash them every day, but once a fortnight should be sufficient enough.


Never wear them out in public – You wear DANCE shoes for DANCING not socialising with friends, or just calling round to the local convenience store because you’re in a rush. The shoes are designed to be worn in and on the surfaces in which dancing is most common. Not on hard asphalt or muddy damp grass. Take the time to slip the right pair of shoes on instead.


Keep the sole in the best possible condition – If you own a pair of dancing shoes that you’re particularly fond of, then if the soles become worn out or damaged, you might not want to throw them away. Many stores will actually be able to replace the sole, or help bring it back to its best condition. Suede soled shoes in particular need to be maintained especially well, and could benefit greatly from a visit to a shoe repair store.


Where to find the best dance shoes – If you are in need of new dance shoes, particularly ballroom dancing shoes, then our dance studio in PG has a vast array of shoes on offer for both men and women, all of the best quality, and at affordable prices too.

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Ballroom Dancing Is Back – Tango, Cha Cha and Rumba

It had been merely a couple of years back when you pointed out ballroom dancing to anybody younger than 50 (no offense to anybody reading through this) you’d most likely obtain an elevated eye brow or perhaps a stupid remark.

Go forward ahead to today and because of a couple of much talked about reality Television show competitions which have been going strong for a few many the talent of Ballroom dancing continues to be thrown into the spotlight.

This information is a short summary of ballroom dancing for individuals who might not be acquainted with the 6 primary types of the American ballroom also to supply you a primer on ways you can get involved and begin understanding how to dance.

Six Primary Styles

The six primary types of the American ballroom are: FoxTrot, Cha Cha, Tango, Waltz, Swing and Rumba. This is not to state that you need to become proficient whatsoever six of those if you wish to enjoy ballroom dance but instead if you realize these you are on course.

These styles are what’s utilized in ballroom competitions round the U. S. States and across The United States.

Understanding how to Ballroom Dance

Using the upswing in recognition additionally, there are been a rise in the amount of couples and people wondering to bop.

Dance galleries are the initial choice because you receive one-on-one instruction and frequently reach meet other couples also understanding how to dance.

Using the more recent generation of instructors you will find also on the internet and DVD ballroom training available. These could be a great supplement to personal training or summary of the game. Order a DVD dance video to obtain a sense of what private training may be like then come to a decision about whether you are prepared to spend the extra cash on private training.

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Ballroom Dancing – The Intercontinental Requirements

Online video training (on the web, DVD and many more.)

The foremost is probably the most pricey, however the quickest method to learn. Along the way lower your opportunity the charge drops however the speed of discovering drops. Actually, not subject what method you apply the expense for any specified amount of progress will likely actually cover the identical.me.

Should you really wish to velocity factors up and retain your training charge effective, then make use of a mix. Rely on privates generally initially to obtain the basic principles after which move above to group an internet-based video as you grow greater educated of the items ballroom is and just how it’s danced.

Nonetheless, you can look at any path you want, just recognize the rewards and disadvantages of each and every single.

Mind set

Ballroom dancing is very considerably concerning the connection and connection among men and women. This ensures that you can’t be too considerably of the prude and you will have to enable go of some hang-ups. I understand males and ladies who experienced to prevail over their troubles with getting shut to other people plus some partners have never been capable to visit group training or ever see their spouse dance with yet another individual. It is really a factor of Ballroom that lots of folks don’t completely recognize in front of classes. Ponder this prior to you start discovering and you may choose the right type of training for yourself.

Teaching the physique for ballroom

Ballroom must ‘t be also challenging. I when recall somebody indicating that in ballet we result in the difficult search straightforward as well as in ballroom we result in the easy glance tricky. This indicates essentially anybody can perform it, which means you can far too. Nevertheless, some people haven’t been quite energetic for substantially in our existence primary as much as our endeavors to understand ballroom. This could make a few of the dance moves tricky. If you have problems moving in ballroom, then give alleged to some fundamental exercise advancement. Something that will help normal throughout physique motion along with a lack of body fat will aid your dancing greatly.

Nevertheless, you will likely still need need to complete the job in your posture and you will see some actions which are just simple hard to master.

Sound in ballroom

Are you able to depend amount of time in music? Otherwise, then this can be a factor that you’ll require to operate on. In the quite least you need to hear the beat within the audio and know once the bars begin. You will find lots of posts and guides near to that will you with this.

If you’re able to pay attention to the defeat, then you are part way there. You nonetheless wish to convey the audio inside your dance. This is correct sound: whenever you change your dance to suit the truly feel from the tunes. Should you sense that you’re not so excellent within this, then there some content pieces about this cope with primary sound which you can use. Nonetheless, you might want to function on which many people phone songs appreciation. You may also only recognize the emotions that seem to appear of your stuff whenever you pay attention to the tunes after which allow that manual your dance technique.

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Where to Learn Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom dancing is great activity that anyone can participate in and have fun. It also has health benefits as it helps you to shed excess calories and stay in great shape. You will be able to keep fit through an activity that you enjoy thoroughly. Ballroom dancing involves several different dancing styles like Foxtrot, Waltz, Swing, Salsa, Quickstep, Tango and more. Serious ballroom dancers also wear special attire like smart suits for the men, and sequin dresses and high heels for the ladies.


Ballroom dancing follows a strict pattern of even beats and a constant tempo. This allows for these dance moves to be applicable to almost any kind of music including rock, pop, and disco. The dance styles involve both quick steps and slow passionate dancing. If you are interested in ballroom dancing, you can easily learn within a short time. Even the learning process is very enjoyable.


There are several ways through which you can learn. You can attend dance classes if there are some being held in your local area. Being around fellow learners may act as extra motivation for you hard work at mustering the steps. You can also hire a private tutor to take you through the steps. Dance lessons are also available on books and on video, which you can buy and practice at home.


Many people are now learning ballroom dancing through online courses. This gives you the convenience of learning at home, or whichever location you prefer. There are many dance sites that have great instructional videos made by professional dancers to guide you through the steps. There are videos available for different levels, from beginners to advanced dancers. The advantage of using these videos is that you can pause, rewind, or skip so that you get to learn at your own pace. The dance sites also provide books and other learning material on ballroom dancing, which you can download and use to learn on your own.


It is possible to start learning dancing on your own, but you will eventually need a partner so that you can effectively apply what you have already learnt. Having a partner will enable you to properly practice and muster the moves in a quick and easy way. A private tutor would be ideal as a dance partner as he or she will be able to take you through the steps to ensure that you learn all the details. By attending dance classes, you will also be able to get a dance partner easily.


If you are going to learn ballroom dancing through online resources, you have to ensure that you get a good dance site. You should look for a site that is run by an acclaimed professional dancer so that you get the best lessons possible. In order to know how good the professional dancer is, you can read the information provided about him or her on the Internet. You can also read the feedback from other dancers.

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