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CP Swing Club

Today we interviewed Holley Shugart  of CP Swing and DDB Secretary.  Get to know Cal Poly Swing Club.


What’s the story of the club?


officerscalpoly– The club was founded in 1998 and our sister club, Drop Dead Blues, was founded a few years after as a subset of Swing and then became an official club later. We have 10 officers serving on the Executive Council and their duties include planning and running events, putting on weekly lessons and social dancing, and other club related activities. The officers serve the CP Swing and Drop Dead Blues Clubs’ Executive Councils. The Council works with an advisor who is a professor on Cal Poly’s campus.
What type of dances do you teach?


13221584_1188215947855356_2298431917878699457_n– We have a lot of frequent returning dancers that come to lessons and social dancing every week. Our style of dance is Lindy Hop and we also teach Collegiate Shag, Balboa, and Charleston. Every Fall Quarter the CP Swing club puts on a 10 week lesson series to take people from beginner to intermediate dancers in Lindy Hop. It is a great opportunity to learn all of the dance styles we teach, and learn about the history of Lindy Hop and its music.
Who do you bring to coach and what events there are in the club?


10157390_846285265494118_6604177762708026679_n– We host 3 big events every year; The Fall Swing Workshop, The Winter Blues Workshop, and The San Luis Obispo Lindy Exchange in the spring. For the two workshops we bring in professional teachers to teach two days worth of lessons and there are social dances each night. The Lindy Exchange is our biggest event with 3 days of dancing, and group activities like Beach Day and Lindy Games. This Fall we are bringing in the great Ann Mony and Ryan Calloway to teach in our Fall Workshop.”